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Better Than Virtual Currency: The IPV4 Market, Prices, and Profit

Investing in virtual currency is a very popular thing, or, at least, it used to be. Remember when Bitcoin and other virtual money companies were the hot trade, bringing in profit and spreading fast? Forget that. Now it is IPV4 addresses. These are virtual website addresses you can buy and sell just like a physical product. You can buy any size block of addresses and turn around and sell them to another company. The following will show you how you can turn a profit in the IPV4 market like

Buy Big Blocks

IPV4 addresses are rarely purchased in big block form. Most investors choose to buy small and up-sell. However, it makes better sense to buy big, break up the blocks into smaller lots, and up-sell the lots. You start out with more right away and end up turning a profit faster. You can buy blocks up to 24 addresses in a block, too. With that, you can break it down into two blocks of twelve; or a block of twelve, a block of eight, and a block of four. (Yes, small businesses will buy the little blocks because they do not need the big blocks.)

Pricing Your Blocks

When you sell in blocks, you are still selling price/IP address. If you bought a block of twenty addresses at seven dollars an address, that comes out to one hundred forty dollars. Break that down any way you want and sell the blocks at nine or ten dollars per address in each block. You just made your money back plus forty or sixty dollars! Figure out how much you can get by comparing notes to competitors and charging what you can to still make money but undersell the competition.

Buying More Blocks

Depending on how long it took you to sell your blocks, you may or may not want to repeat this. However, that extra money means you can buy another block of twenty without touching the profit on the block(s) you just sold and gain another forty to sixty dollars. In essence, you could repeat this indefinitely, if you have the time to buy and sell IPV4 addresses and peddle them faster than a car dealer selling high-end imported sports cars. The best part is that you can split up the big blocks any way that you want to, allowing you the ability to sell to any and all kinds of businesses.